Minimalism Lookbook (Video)

March 20, 2015

fashion / Video

minimal A lookbook on minimalism has been jotted in my journal for a few months now. I decided to act upon that note and create this lookbook. As many of you know, Black and White and Grey and Navy… have been my colors for a few months now. I can feel the urge for florals this spring, which is why I had to make this before my wardrobe took a turn. I hope you enjoy this lookbook and you get a few ideas on how to spruce up simple B&W.


Long Tee: Topman // Karate Sweats: OAK // Roshe Runs: Nike // Sunglasses: RayBan


Long Tee: Urban Outfitters // Blazer: Banggood // Denim: Zara // Boots: Zara // Watch: Daniel Wellington


Tee: Adidas // Tailored Trousers: Zara // Ponyhair Creepers: Zara // Sunglasses: RayBan


Tee: Urban Outfitters // Long Coat: Zara // Joggers: Zara // Shoes: Alexander Wang

Shades of Grey

March 14, 2015

fashion / What I Wore


I tend to find myself blogging over the course of a few weeks avidly and then suddenly nothing for a while. I am going to break that void and schedule my posts a bit more sporadically. Lately, grey has been a strong color option for my wardrobe. Lets face it, grey has always been my wardrobe. Today, I paired three different shades of grey to created an almost monochromatic color blocking.
I am happy to say that my first quarter as a bachelor student is almost complete. I am currently working about 30 hours a week a top my studies and blogging. Having a three week break will honestly be the perfect mini vacation (from school at least). I love only stressing about one topic, not two, not three, not fourteen!
+ Jacket : Ambig
+ Tee : Urban Outfitters
+ Denim : Zara
+ Creepers : Zara
+ Sunnies : Ray Ban

West Elm Homeware Finds

March 1, 2015



I decided that I would share a few home decor finds via video format. Adding my lifestyle to my blog and video has always been a primary focus. This focus branches off through journeys, food & drink and even home decor. Imdrewscott is a place for mens fashion and everything in between (but primarily mens fashion…).

Everything shown in this video is still available at your local west elm and on! Take a look as they are always having amazing promotions.

Now & Forever

February 25, 2015

fashion / What I Wore


Hello from my pleather couch! Today was a success, full of grocery shopping, outfit shooting and research paper writing. I honestly really hated writing that research paper and dealing with the scary man following me in the grocery store. Stepping away from my paper to shoot this look was the highlight of my day. We shot in an alleyway where a naked man was throwing trash into the street. Los Angeles has something new to share with us every day. Seriously though, you will see come crazy things walking these streets and alleys.
Reality has settled and color needs to become of use in my wardrobe. I’m thinking a pair of yellow patent shoes to dive into the concept. A color similar to the pole in photo three. Thoughts?
+ Trench : Topshop
+ Top : Zara
+ Joggers : Zara
+ Boots : Dr. Martens