November 26, 2014

12 ALEX874737ALEX8765ALEX8781 While shooting the photos for this post, I really wanted to incorporate a lot of white space. White space is my portrayal of a blank canvas. A blank canvas is one that can be built upon and altered into a work of art. For the longest time, I wanted to find my individuality and express myself how I wanted to. Coming from a small country town in the mountains, style was unheard of. My first actual “stylish” outfit involved a pair of Dr. Marten brown boots that I got for Christmas around the age of 15. I took the boots off in the car on the way to school and changed back into my sneakers. That following day I decided to actually wear those shoes to school and I clearly remember my boost in confidence. I stand for self expression, confidence and individuality. Be who you want to be, do what you want to do and wear what you want to wear. You are in control of your life, turn that blank canvas into a work of art.

I am wearing my new absolute favorite pair of Chelsea Boots from Dr. Martens. I am in love with the classy look of this Chelsea boot and the quality is superb. I paired the boots with a pair or chinos, long tee and quilted bomber jacket.

What do you stand for?

Navy Lines

November 25, 2014


Well hello there! Happy Tuesday to you all. Currently feeling the craving for a Chipotle burrito bowl with medium salsa. I have this odd odd odd craving for Chipotles medium salsa ALL THE TIME. After this post I will have to go get one; perks of living 500 feet from Chipotle.
Recently I have been pretending that L.A. has had cold weather. 80 degree weather gets extremely repetitive after months on end. We need some 24 degree snowy weather for a change! Yesterday evening was a tad chillier than normal. I paired this cable knit cardigan with a striped scarf. A touch of pony hair and patented leather came from these new creepers I picked up at Zara.
+ Cardigan : Zara
+ Tee Shirt : XXI
+ Joggers : East Dane
+ Creepers : Zara
+ Scarf : H&M

Linen & Denim

November 17, 2014

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Los Angeles is finally starting to get a few signs of fall. Waking up in the morning to see overcast is honestly the highlight to my day. Overcast as a “highlight” seems odd… Breaking out the scarves and hats for just a few weeks is all I need. Getting a little time to wear them is better than no time at all. This could be one of the main reasons I want to visit New York. I have this image in my head that New York will allow me to wear layers 24/7. Is this true New Yorkers?

I have another thought, but this time for blog content. I want to start incorporating “How to Wear *Insert clothing item/trend here*”. For example, “How to wear jogger pants”. I definitely feel like this could be a great way to showcase trends and new silhouettes. Plus it will give a few variations on how to style these pieces. Thoughts?
+ Jacket : Ambig
+ Tee Shirt : OAK
+ Joggers : Zara
+ Boots : Zara
+ Scarf : OAK
+ Watch : 1 Face Watch