Concrete Jungle where Dreams are Made up

January 23, 2015


I can officially say that I am back in the swing of things. Exciting News!!! I just got my first ever job. It is just a part time job so I can purchase more Acne and other expensive stuff I really don’t need. I do not want to share the position or company for security purposes. If you happen to live in LA, you may just see me working away.
Minimalism has been expressed throughout many of my recent looks and it has yet to fade. What trends have you been loving lately?
+ Denim : Zara
+ Marble Tee : F21
+ Black Bomber : Zara
+ Creepers : Zara


January 16, 2015

IMG_0742IMG_0700IMG_0805IMG_0818 IMG_0751IMG_0821

Lately, I have been reading and browsing up on a few street wear blogs. The silhouettes that come from mens street wear are intriguing and daring. Longer tops paired with tighter bottoms have been making their appearance here on the blog. Have any of you noticed that recently?
The concept of minimalism has also been an addiction of mine. This trend can be pretty hard to pull off as you hit a point of under done or over done. The perfect minimalism is the median. Explore with your wardrobe a bit. Just layering a few varying length tops is a starting point. I definitely suggest splurging on a solid neutral long tee for the upcoming months.
+ Trousers : Alexander Wang
+ Black Long Tee : Zara
+ Grey Tee : Zara
+ Hat : Alex & Chloe
+ Shoes : Alexander Wang
+ Backpack : Chanel


January 9, 2015

IMG_0520 IMG_0565IMG_0570 IMG_0529IMG_0657IMG_0568IMG_0577

My first outfit post of 2015. I am pretty ecstatic to be posting this as my first look. MA few friends and I went shopping at the mall after christmas. I actually found two items I really loved at Forever 21 (surprisingly). This marble shirt was one of the items found. I purchased it in a size large as I wanted to wear it long and also tucked in to a few pair of trousers I own.

Looking at myself in these photos, I have came to a new resolution. THE GYM. I really want to start gaining just a little bit of weight and muscle throughout the new year. Any tips?
+ Karate Pants : OAK
+ Marble Tee : F21
+ Shoes : Nike

My Top Candles of 2014

January 5, 2015

candle Candles are my weakness (But then again, who’s are they not?). Once the lid comes off and the aroma is inhaled, I will purchase. Unless the scent has anything to do with lavender, herbs or sun screen. I did once come across a candle that smelled exactly like sun screen (Cannot stand that scent). Anthropologie is my absolute favorite store when it comes to purchasing and browsing candles. The jars and tins these lovely wax creations are poured in are pure perfection. I am also a sucker for Bath and Body Works “2 for $22″ sale they seem to have every day of the year.

Most of the candles above do show the scent however a few do not. The gilded leave candle smells of Creamy Cognac & Almond (Thank you for last years Christmas Present Brittany!). The frosted white one smells exactly how it looks, Snowflakes & Icicles. Lastly, the bottom right mercury glass number embodies a scent called “Volcano”. It holds notes of tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons, and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountain greens.
I definitely suggest giving the scents above a whiff if you stop into the store. The excitement I have for the candles of 2015 is probably inhumane. Who’s with me on the candle craze?!