4 DIY Minimal Room Decorations


+ (3) Assorted Glass Vases
+ Hemp Cording
+ Faux Plants (or real ones if your dedicated)
+ Scissors
+ Nail or Hanging Mount

I decided to share this as the first DIY as the outcome was exactly what I imagined. My morning coffee shops always have the coolest little planters (along with an AESOP installation I recently saw) and I felt this was a perfect recreation for just a few bucks. I also think adding single flowers or real greenery and a bit of water would look incredible.

+ (2) 1×4″ 4 foot pieces of wood
+ (2) 1×4″ 16 inch pieces of wood
+ Nails
+ Hammer
+ Ruler
+ Marking Pen

A while back I ran across one of these leaning ladders on Pinterest. It has stuck in my memory for months now and I decided to recreate it. This project costed a mere $10 and took about 15 minutes from start to finish. The only tricky part is the cutting of the wood (which can be done at the lumber store if needed) and the assembly. If you are younger, ask your dad or mom to finish this project as they can probably whip it out in a few minutes!



+ Concrete Mix (Quickrete)
+ Foam Cups (Look for a cup with no inner ridges)
+ Smaller diporsable shot glass
+ Mixing Utensil & Bucket
+ Liquid Silver Lead
+ Painters Tape
+ Paint Brush

When I was thinking of the projects I wanted to include in this video, I knew that concrete would be a main material used. Something about the industrial/minimal look is so appealing. Keep in mind that concrete is also SOOOOO easy to use. Mix it up and pour it in or on anything. Nastazsa also got me hooked on this liquid leaf product (which I believe we were both high on by the end of filming) which added a nice geometric metallic pop. 

+ Paper Mache Cone
+ Concrete Mix (Quickrete)
+ Mixing Utensil & Bucket
+ Cylindrical Mold (oatmeal container in my case)
+ X-acto Knife

Sticking with the concrete theme, I knew this paper-mache cone had to be hardened inside some base and turn into the coolest jewelry stand. I personally don’t own many accessories thus this piece is perfect for my dresser. I love the fact that it’s tapered so both bracelets and rings fit on it. OMG IDEA… Pour the concrete into a large rectangle mold and put this holder on one side so it offers both the jewelry holder and a tray for other bits and bobs.


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