DIY : Painted Leaf Banner


1) Gather leaves from outside. I choose a variety of sizes. You can also choose different shapes such as a maple for a different look. I would also suggest to wash the leaves with water and dry thoroughly. 2) Colorful paints and a white primer or white paint will also be needed. 3) Prime your leaves both front and back with your white primer. Let Dry. 4) Paint one side of the leaf a solid color. I duplicated the colors on a few leaves so that every leaf was coated a single color on one side. Let Dry. 5) Using either Washi or Masking Tape, tape off the sections of the leaf to create a crisp clean line. Don’t press to hard or the primer will peel off. I actually pressed rather hard on a few as I wanted the leaf to show through as a texture element. 6) Let your leaves dry before peeling off the tape. 7) Here are the finished painted leaves. As you can see, the primer peeled off of a few but I still love the look. 8) Using a string or embroidery floss, link the leaves together with knots (you could also add beads to the string for a fun look).




This DIY was so simple and can be customized to fit any home decor. Simply choose your colors and paint away! I was also thinking that you could mask off the leaves in a chevron point to create a lovely geometric shape.

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