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These past two weeks have been rather hard. I have been wifi-less for 14 days now… Basically, one day the wifi at my apartment stopped working and so I called thinking it would be an easy fix. 9 technicians and 14 days later… still no fix! I have no idea what is up or why the problem hasn’t been diagnosed yet. Oh well, it has allowed me to make jewelry for my new line that will be released shortly! I have recently been dressing very minimal and loving the idea of expensive things (hehe). Tumblr can do this too you after a while. I think saving up for a nice pair of YSL boots would be a good idea. Thoughts?OUTFIT DETAILS
+ Shirt : H&M
+ J0ggers : Zara
+ Sandals : Birkenstocks
+ Watch : Michael Kors
+ Hamsa Bracelet : @lonefoxco

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  1. August 21, 2014 / 3:33 am

    Those boots are amaaaazzzzing!! Save up! I’ll be lookin at your feet in every photo!