Broadway Stroll

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I am still in awe over these trousers. Definitely a favorite pair in my current collection of pants (Yes I do have a collection). I just started my last quarter to complete my Associates degree. I cannot believe I am almost done with my first part of college. I will then only have an additional two years for my bachelors of business. That being said, I will be in LA for a while which I am completely fine with.
I do have a pretty amazing opportunity coming up that I hope works out and I can share the details here on the blog. Until then… keep your fingers crossed!
+ Cargo Jacket : Hollister
+ Tee Shirt : Topman
+ Leather Trousers : Zara
+ Boots : Forever 21

1 Comment

  1. Delana Blair
    October 12, 2014 / 5:26 pm

    Love love love your clothing! You look great!