High Contrast

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I have been eyeing this location for a look since I moved to LA. It is one of those locations that you don’t want to walk all the way to just to shoot a look. I decided that it was time to shoot in front of this stark white building and so we journeyed. However, the Kings Stanley Cup game was occurring in downtown yesterday. I have never seen so many cars lined up on the streets of LA. Last night the streets were shut down for a few blocks in all directions of staples center. It is pretty crazy how some people react when a sports team wins. I sat atop my balcony and watched as people stormed the streets to cheer, scream and do many cartwheels + other gymnastic moves I didn’t know hockey fans were capable of doing. Anywho, I am off the the school work center to finish up a few tech packs for my technical class (fun fun).OUTFIT DETAILS
+ Tee : H&M
+ Flannel : Forever 21
+ Denim : Levi’s
+ Sandals : Birkenstocks
+ Necklace : West Paris
+ Sunnies : H&M
+ Watch : Michael Kors
+ Phone Case : Moschino

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