I can hear the Sirens

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Finally a day where I decide to just take a breather. You would be fooled if you thought I had no homework. I have so much homework but I am going to procrastinate. This sounds like a bad thing but I have all Saturday and Sunday to finish. Today will involve youtube videos, blogging and a few other things I haven’t decided on yet. Knowing myself, I will do homework later or I will have an anxiety attack when I know for a fact nothing is due for 60 hours. 60 hours is a good amount of time to finish these last projects.

This jacket was one a splurged on last week when the new ZARA opened in downtown. I have never seen such an amazing store. They have the mens section in a separate storefront than the women’s store which I find visually pleasing. I think I am going to save up some money in attempts to have a shopping spree at Zara…. Sounds like a good plan.

+ Tee : Forever 21
+ Button Up : Forever 21
+ Jacket : Zara
+ Jeans : RUDE
+ Loafers : UNIF

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  1. June 14, 2014 / 3:40 pm

    I love your style.
    Those shoes are really tough!