It’s all worth the fall

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This morning was spent shooting in some really neat buildings in downtown Los Angeles. My friend & photographer Maria actually shot the photos. I actually woke up later than expected for the shoot this morning; Let’s blame it on “sleep phone usage”. I believe I turned my alarm off during my slumber. Is that a thing? Fixing your hair, attempting to smell nice and lacing up your shoes can definitely take some time. The oven heated up a croissant as I frantically ran throughout the apartment, sliding on each turn. I have slippery floors, what do you expect?!
Thankfully, I am not scared of heights as we were practically dangling from the 8th floor of an unsteady looking building. Oh well, I am still alive writing this post so everything is dandy. Have you gone on any adventures recently?
+ Flannel : F21
+ Leather Jacket : Fabrixquare
+ Denim : Levi’s
+ Boots : Zara

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  1. Marc Teng
    November 16, 2014 / 5:41 am

    Hello. :)) nice ootd and I like your street style. More power to your blog.