Laid Back

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Have I been on a roll at posting outfit posts, I think yes! I am really in love with this look and the photos almost look like they were taken in a tunnel or at some odd hour of the day? What was odd is that we did see a man wearing banana leafs in his hair and running between cars. I thought that was strange but I will let him, do him.
These cargo pants are a definite staple for my fall wardrobe. I absolutely love the tailored look and how they taper at the ankle. Paired with a simple patterned chambray and knit we have a perfect fall look. What is a staple in your fall wardrobe this season? I would love to know!
+ Cargo Pants : H&M
+ Denim Shirt : F21
+ Knit Cardigan : Levi’s
+ Boots : Dr. Martens