Sunset & New Design

000096880001 000096880002 000096880003 000096880004 000096880007 000096880013 000096880014Finally the blog gets a makeover. I have been having some trouble attempting to find a style of blog that is interactive yet simple and clean. I have came to a design that I find fits my style perfectly. There are still a few kinks that are getting sorted out and will most likely be complete in the next few days. I would love to hear your opinion on the design. Leave a comment!

I have another film shoot to share with you today! My last post was also a film post that I shot with my friend Alex. He also did these photos as well. This shoot took place in the business district of Downtown Los Angeles (Primarily where the new Purge Anarchy Movie took place… yikes). He was able to capture light flares off the buildings which created such unique photos. Film seriously creates such a beautiful depth of field and exposure when it comes to lighting and color. I also love the subtle grain as it adds an almost vintage quality to the photograph. I believe that Alex and I are going to purchase a few more rolls of film (possibly different kinds) and shoot at the Getty Museum which would be sweet!

Well… I have quite a bit of homework that still needs to be done. I went over to my friend Marie’s yesterday to work on homework and we also made up a huge batch of chili and cornbread while we watched Taken. Everybody needs a little break from homework now and then.