What I Wore : I’ve Loved & I’ve Lost

IMG_9887IMG_9832 IMG_9910 IMG_9942 IMG_9949 IMG_9917( Sweater : Zara | Flannel : Forever 21 | Jeans : RUDE | Boots : H&M | Leather Snapback : Choies)

Another chill day. After I shot these photos of my outfit I was out on the town to get a haircut and my daily Starbucks. I have been loving the gingerbread latte but… iced. I have never been a fan of iced drinks even in the summer heat. Although, after my addiction with iced caramel macchiato’s, iced drinks have grown on me. My new hair will most likely be featured in my next look (AKA tomorrow).

I really wanted to dress slouchy yet trendy today. I was originally going to tie the flannel shirt around my waist but with the fullness of the sweater the flannel just didn’t work. I came to the conclusion of adding it under the sweater. Today was a bit chilly and this ensamble kept me at the perfect temp throughout the day.