What I Wore : Odd Future




IMG_4277( Sweater : Odd Future | Jacket : Urban Outfitter | Jeans : RUDE | Shoes : H&M )

Today I stopped into the brand new Urban Outfitters in downtown LA. UO put up a shop in an old cinema. The whole design is pretty incredible and it was on the way to my internship (I saw it out of the corner of my eye). I did not find any mens clothing I liked but a lot of the women’s clothing was unique and vintage inspired. Is it odd that I sometimes browse the women’s section. I personally just love to look at what retailers are selling for the opposite sex. I see nothing wrong in this as being a trend forecaster could possibly be in my future. I did pick up a pair of gold sunglasses that will be featured in an upcoming look. Thank you Calvin for the UO gift card!

LA is cold today. I love the change as the weather has been very hot which makes layering almost impossible (Sometimes it has to happen though….). Lets hope it stays cold down here for a bit so I can shoot some layered outfits. xoxo