Better Off

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This past weekend was a very successful one for me. I was able to get al of my homework complete, have a nice breakfast both saturday and sunday at my favorite restaurants, film two videos and shoot five different looks for the blog. That sounds pretty reasonable, yah?!
So I am thinking about creating visual category archives for the blog. I feel like having thumbnails of DIY and fashion posts all in one spot would be a nice way to index and sort the posts! I am also wanting to find a way to incorporate my youtube channel more with the blog. This will take me some time but I will be sure to share the archive once it’s created! Thoughts?
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+ Jacket : Urban Outfitters
+ Shirt : Flea Market
+ Jeans : RUDE
+ Boots : Forever 21
+ Necklace : @lonefoxco
+ Sunnies : Ray Ban