Catch Myself

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Wow has this past few days been extremely busy. Not only am I in my last quarter of FIDM and in finals. I am also applying for bachelors degree, attempting to survive in the rainy LA weather and remaining sane. The purchase of a planner was probably the best this year. I never used a planner even though my mom always told me I should. Writing down your daily tasks really strikes a toll on how much one actually does throughout the day.
Let’s get on to this top. I have always been a huge fan of chambray tops. I had three in my wardrobe all of which looked pretty identical. Yesterday, I decided to cut the collar and the edges off of one of the tops. I am in love with the outcome. A trend predicative I was reading pointed out a unique pocket mask. So I cut off one of the pockets for a bit more interest. I think the top is pretty rad. Thoughts?
+ Denim Stop : DIY
+ Sweats : OAK Nyc
+ Sunnies : Ray-Ban
+ Shoes : Alexander Wang

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