What I Wore : Las Vegas – Chanel





IMG_5570( Tee : Virgo | Bomber Jacket : F21 | Jeans : Levi’s | Boots : F21 | Watch Michael Kors )

Today was the first official day in vegas. Marie and I headed down to Krispy Kreme this morning for a healthy breakfast…. We met up with my room mates and headed to the convention center where the MAGIC show is held. The convention center is absolutely insane. I don’t even think we made it across the entire floor as it must have been a mile long. I also bumped into my boss’s from Seamless Showroom, Jamie & Chris! They are going to the Britney Concert tonight (Not fair). I won’t even go there…

I think I might get a dozen donuts and watch TV by myself. xoxo


  1. Love the outfit. Yes, Vegas is insane. You could always watch past episodes of The Walking Dead. My family and I love that show.

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