What I Wore : Seven o’Clock

June 9, 2014



Finals are finally approaching. I am not sure if I am happy or stressed (a bit of both). Honestly, I cannot believe I am about to finish my first quarter of my second year. I have almost lived on my own in downtown LA for a year now. I moved in July 5th of 2013 and started my first quarter a few weeks later. July is approaching and the time has flown by. I have my first final this Thursday and they roll over in next Wednesday. The break shall be amazing and well deserved.

I mentioned in a prior post that my friends are home from college. In attempts to spend as much time with them that I can, I decided to go home once again last weekend. After next Wednesday I will be back in my hometown with my friends.

+ Tee : Choies
+ Jeans : Zara
+ Shoes : Converse
+ Necklace : West Paris
+ Rings : H&M

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