Interior Inspiration #1

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Interior design was actually a career I wanted to pursue all through middle school. But… I decided to go into the field of fashion. No regrets of course. Although, one day I plan on having a loft / 1 bedroom apartment somewhere in the city. Possibly New York or Los Angeles however I have yet to visit New York. A voice in my head is telling me I will love NY. That story has been untold but I will surely share when it happens.

When it comes to interiors, white space is a huge element I find aesthetically pleasing. White opens a space up and creates an airy, light and minimalistic approach. My current apartment is quite lovely due to the 14 foot tall white walls along side a few cement walls for a harsh contrast. I am also very much into random objects. I tape things on my walls that catch my eyes such as magazine clippings, doodles and photographs. Mix these elements with a few structural shelves, Framed pieces and create a cluster of color and texture on your white wall. I still fantasize over the way my future apartment will look. xo