Interior Inspiration #2

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Still happily planning out my dream home so why not share my ideas! I want an archive I can look back on. I tend to tell myself I will keep a Pinterest board but that hasn’t been going so well. If I blog about my thoughts, they are going nowhere, except the internet… The kitchen / dining is my next aspect of the living environment that intriques me. I wish that I was born with the local town bakeries baking skills, but I was not. I like to tell myself I can cook even though I find myself solely preparing boiling water for noodles and microwavable mug recipes (Who’s with me!).

Backtracking to the last Interior Inspiration post. I talked a bit on my love for the color white. White will ALWAYS be a part of my life whether it be interior design, cream sauce or the apple on my mac. I love lots and lots of white space with pops of rustic, colorful and unique elements. The photos above are a few of the ideas I would like to archive.

I’m ready to move into my own home already however spending $3,000 of rent for a DTLA apartment is not in my price range (yet of course). Lets Imagine!