Life Lately.

If you have not been reading SH for a while then you would not know about my “Life Lately.” posts. They are basically just little excerpts on life when I don’t post in a while. Sometimes I get emails with people asking if I am okay and it always encourages me to get back in the mojo. Life lately has been rather crazy, here we go! (All photos are taken with iPhone & Vscocam)

My friend Calvin came down to visit last Thursday which was not a surprise but… at the same time it was. One of his friends from college happened to be friends with one of my friends here in LA. She brought Calvin along with her while she came up for the weekend. He arrived on Thursday and we explored the city and ventured into Hollywood.

a0d827b08fa311e38dff1209c9135191_8 (1)What a lovely photo of us. He stayed all the way through Sunday. We mostly spent our time catching up on life, homework, gossip, Starbucks & Chipotle runs and escaped the apartment to explore Downtown.

It rained all Thursday night and into mid day on Friday. I am in love with rain (just every aspect is perfect). I am thankful it does not rain much in LA because when it does, I feel it’s like a little treat. Layers upon layers of color, shape and texture when fashion takes its toll.

a22b7aa890ee11e39955120c5d8ba71f_86fe55ea2910611e3a1ec12b3b547f831_8We also made a new friend who also enjoyed the rainy weather. I actually just took a photo via snapchat and added an emoji to make it look as if she was enjoying a Caramel Macciato when truly it was me who enjoyed the beverage behind the scenes.

It came time for Calvin to head home. We decided to stop by the grocery store that morning and make a big breakfast for everybody (Emily, Brittany, Tyler, Calvin and I). Pancakes, Eggs and bacon were cooked in the matter of an hour. A few last minute goodbyes as we enjoyed the new tradition we started “Sunday Family Breakfasts”.50956bcc91c011e3a91412128f76ceb1_8

I do get a bit behind on homework and when guests are over, my “What I Wore” posts tend to slip. I caught up on a few tasks throughout Sunday and picked up the new issue of MODE magazine. It is our school publication and the team who puts this magazine together is incredible. Every photo, story and detail is mastered before printed bi-annually. I was lucky enough to get featured in the “Men in Movement” campaign I shot with FIDM a few months prior.398aa0e692bf11e38f2712c106be2b5a_8

Looking back on this past week, life has been good. Reliving memories makes one realize how much is actually accomplished over the range of a few days.

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Love Life & Enjoy Friends, xoxo

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