My Closet : Bits and Pieces

IMG_9669 IMG_9670 IMG_9674 IMG_9676 IMG_9680 IMG_9682 IMG_9684 IMG_9685 IMG_9687Along with my mini apartment series, I wanted to share my closet space with y’all. This is mainly the decor I have up in the closet. Basically, My room mate and I’s closet is completely open which I have actually come to love since it add so much color to the room. Since it is open, we decided to decorate the top portion. I also added a few photos of the wall besides the closet which features the door to our room. I have quite a few little knick knacks from the Thirft Store, Anthropolgie and a few other places.

I love juxtaposition when it comes to interior design. Soft yet edgy are my favorites and I feel I have accomplished everything I have always dreamed of. I actually have dreampt a lot about my future space which is odd but I am glad I have.

I hope to share with you my closet soon. I am still adding a few more organizational pieces to fit all of my wardrobe (I have a bit to much). Until next time, xoxo.