Snapshots : My Lazy Thursday

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Since yesterday was my last day of finals, I decided that today was going to be a lazy day. I cannot believe that my first quarter at FIDM is already over. Most of my friends have yet to encounter mid terms yet. However, today was not as lazy as I expected. My brain is always overflowing with projects I need to work on plus I had my internship today.

This morning my roommate and I woke up early to take our other two house mates to the airport. They are both flying home for the break and I already miss them. It is odd being in this huge apartment by myself as my roommate drove home after we dropped them off. I just went along for the ride. Something about riding in a car in the early hours of the morning when you can barely keep your eyes open is enjoyable. The fog between cars on the freeway and a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.

Now the record player is currently being interchanged with Florence, Lana and Mumford records. I have also been replaying Lorde’s new song “Team” (take a listen). The new TV I ordered arrived as writing this post. I am going to set it up and watch a movie later. I still can’t believe I am going to be in this empty apartment for a few more days until I go home. Maybe I will make a few videos…. good idea! xoxo

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  1. September 23, 2013 / 6:26 am

    It must feel weird being alone in the big apartment Drew, but I hope that you have fun making some of you fab videos, I’ll certainly look forward to watching them. hope you have a safe trip home when it’s time for you to leave.
    Warmest best wishes,