The Apartment : My Bed


Onward with my Apartment Decor series. I am doing small portions of my room to give you in depth look and then I will tackle the whole room in a single post. I also plan on doing this for our kitchen and living area. My bed was one of the main focuses of my room since it does take up quite a large area. I knew that white bedding was a necessity. My bed is actually on bed risers which allows a lift for miscellaneous stuff under the bed.



I decorated the actual bed with accent pillows. The two larger city scape pillows in the back can be found here from Urban Outfitters. The smaller square accent pillows were both purchased from Marshalls for only $7 each. The sleeping fox pillow is one of my alltime favorite purchases from Urban Outfitters. The blanket at the end of the bed was purchased a while back from IKEA.




The headboard is really the main statement piece which is why I opted for white bedding. I purchased this from Urban Outfitters a while back for an incredible deal of $25. It is actually a free standing headboard and doesn’t actually fasten to the bed frame. I really love this because If i decide to change headboards in the future, I can simply hand this up as clip board or something of the nature. The distressed brass tone is lovely against the concrete wall. Since we cannot drill into the concrete walls, I used two command hooks to hold the headboard on the wall. I have added Instagram photos, Polaroid pictures, magazine clippings and other things I enjoy to fill the space.



Lastly, My deer head is absolutely perfect against the concrete wall. I purchased this head a while back on Etsy. I always used it as a stand alone piece until I found that I could hang this caged pendant lamp on the antler. A screw was already pre drilled in the concrete in the perfect spot for this piece.


  1. November 4, 2013 / 6:10 am

    Beautiful space!

  2. November 11, 2013 / 6:32 am

    omg drew i absolutly love your apartment room! its so modern and idk i cant describe! i love it!