Take it in Tuesday {a new segment}

Today is a fun day because i have been wanting to do something like this for a while but really never got around to it but guess what!! I FINALLY DID!! Its nothing huge just some inspiration for the day! Basically it’s a post i will be doing every Tuesday that will have some sort of color scheme to use to make a project! Super fun right!! Its just like a mini challenge but there will be a prize YAY!! WHO DOESN’T LOVE PRIZES!!! 
So basically you will see below a bunch of Pictures all found from Etsy.com from sellers. I will make sure to give credit and a back link to the seller as well. These pictures will have the colors you will be using for the challenge!!
I will also make a snippet in which you can save to your comp and print out!! You then will be able to collect them and look back at them for inspiration! Does it sound like fun?? Anyways lets get started. Here is Today’s Color Scheme {Click the photo and you will be redirected to a google doc. You can then print the card and punch a hole add a binding ring and start collecting!! HOW FUN!!}
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